"If you have the chance to work with her, you should take it!"
Hsiao is a thoughtful, clever, patient and level-headed designer who delivers great work with a smile every time. She was the design lead on Hello Alice’s branding project, effortlessly managing the shifting priorities of a fast-moving start-up client and setting a firm foundation for a growing brand across a wide variety of projects. If you have the chance to work with her, you should take it!
Nick | Creative Director, Hello Alice
"She's a creative firebrand."
Where do I start! She's a creative firebrand. Wise, professional but with a flare for creating visual identities which stand out, appear fresh and hit strategic intent. She's always fun to work with, super organized and I love how she always comes up with something unexpected. Her typography, eye for detail and depth of thought is exceptional.
Matt | Brand Advisor & Consultant
"Her communication skill stood out among peers 
and granted us a smooth cooperation."
I worked with Hsiao on an innovative project on one of the most functional skincare product line within the brand. She was feeding the team with lots of insights and inspiration during the journey. Despite the distance between Paris and New York, since the kick off meeting, we can already feel that Hsiao rapidly caught the essence of the launch context and design direction. Her communication skills stood out among peers and granted us a smooth cooperation. It was a true pleasure working with her.
Sharon | Assistant Project Manager, International Marketing Development, L'Oreal
"She will be a wonderful asset to any future team she joins."
I worked closely with Hsiao during her time at L'Oreal for the Pureology and Mizani hair care brands. Hsiao was an integral part of the team and was always eager to go the extra mile to provide creative design solutions. Her work on primary and secondary packaging, advertising and collateral at L'Oreal was excellent. Hsiao is professional, patient and detail-oriented. She will be a wonderful asset to any future team she joins.
Jordan | Art Director, Coty Inc
"Hsiao is not just a creative colleague but a great strategy ally."
Hsiao has an incredible mind not just for packaging design, but for creative strategy. As part of my Brand Strategy team, Hsiao proved to be a key element for consumer-driven trade initiatives. She has the ability to take market insights and bring them to life within a compelling pack that is not just beautiful; but functional to the shopper's needs. Any marketing manager out there will find Hsiao is not just a creative colleague but a great Strategy ally.
Ricardo | Client Strategy Manager, Barrows Global
"Her proficiency in more than one media
makes the design world exciting!"
Hsiao-Han is an incredibly well-rounded designer, and her proficiency in more than one media makes the design world exciting! With her strong product, packaging and graphic design background she easily translates ideas to clever visuals; she has a flexibility and fluidity to her style! My personal experience with her is embodied in our collaborative project ‘Sunrise Valley’ and ‘ASKYR’, which won us prestigious awards. I have known her since 2012 and she always works hard and takes her project seriously. I hope more companies will be able to benefit from Hsiao-Han distinct talents and work ethic.
Jiaru | Packaging Designer, Tom Ford Beauty
"Her accurate care for details assured
high quality design solutions for every client."
Hsiao’s effort and commitment on each project make her a reliable asset on any design team. From the very first sketch till the final production, her accurate care for details assured high quality design solutions for every client she worked for. Her process is flawless, her approach is delicate and her work is neat. Surely Hsiao will leave her mark at any place she goes to.
Iker | Creative Director, QNY Creative
"Hsiao helped me to become a better designer."
Hsiao and I worked together for over a year at QNY Creative, where she was a Senior Designer and I was a Design Intern. The very first thing I noticed and admired about Hsiao is her ability to find innovative and customized design solutions with unbelievable speed and accuracy. She is able to juggle multiple projects in a very efficient way from which the productivity level of our team benefited a lot. Working together on several projects with Hsiao helped me to become a better designer. With her patient and calm nature, Hsiao was always able to give me advice but she also encouraged me to find my own solutions. Her precision and ability to bring new perspectives were inspiring to me, and she was very much a role model for the kind of designer I would like to become. 
Madeline | Intern, QNY Creative
"Discovering her talent early in a long career
in packaging has been a pleasure."
Hsiao provided a creative approach to two very different projects and aced them both in record time. She has a unique sensibility and can design in 3 dimensions with sophistication and style. Discovering her talent early in what will be a long career in packaging has been a pleasure.
Jake | Packaging Director, Duggal Visual Solutions
"She truly loves the work that she does."
I have the utmost respect for Hsiao as a packaging designer and colleague. She is a true talent, and one who understands her niche of design because she truly loves the work that she does. She is diligent, reliable and has a great eye. I always enjoyed seeing her projects take form. Hsiao also brought a calm and pleasant energy to the office which was greatly appreciated in an often fast-paced environment. I believe Hsiao to be the kind of talent who will continue on to create wonderful things, and I can't wait to see what they are.
Coco | Director, MAC Cosmetics