Zint Nutrition

Zint Nutrition is a dietary supplement company founded with the mission of delivering super ingredients
for maximum nutrition while making them simple to integrate into daily routine.
Challenge + Approach
Re-position Zint Nutrition to a lifestyle brand targeting millennial consumers who take living a healthy lifestyle seriously.
Reflect its superfoods and nutricosmetics products’ mission to arouse health awareness and to inspire and to beautify.
Take cues from minimalistic style of beauty and skin care brands, for nutricosmetics line, the singular image of powder explosion (for superfoods line, the image of raw and natural ingredients ) expresses the power and impact that Zint Nutrition’s products will bring to consumers. Along with the clean layout composed of clear typography on white background, Zint Nutrition’s mission is delivered with simple and straightforward visual language educating consumers that achieving a healthy lifestyle is this easy and not complicated at all.

Agency: QNY Creative
Creative Director: Ezio Burani
Marketing Director: James Ferranti
Senior Designer: Hsiao-Han Chen

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