Wellington Crackers, a Canadian brand under World Finer Foods, are created with
a tradition of excellence dating back to the 1800s. 
Challenge + Approach
The brand needs re-design on branding and packaging with modern aesthetics to speak to nowadays consumers.
The challenge is to deliver a design upgrade without losing its essential original identities for its current loyal consumers
and to appeal new consumers.
Overall, the goal is to achieve an upgraded and cleaner look for the brand while arouse the desire in consumers to experience the products. To clean and simplified the chaotic hierarchy and out-of-date look on front panel, the new serif font in logo conveys heritage and royalness while the ribbon form is simplified into a more geometric and modern shape. The embellishments on top add elegance while integrate the tagline into the logo. The consistency and simplification of font usage clears hierarchy of call-outs. To appeal nowadays consumers, the foodier feel is achieved by introducing product usage by adding suggested toppings to each product. While there is premiumness in branding, the tablecloth add the warmth and spontaneity to balance and to reflect the affordable price range of the product line.

Agency: QNY Creative
Creative Director: Ezio Burani, Samantha Clemente, Iker Iza
Marketing Director: James Ferranti
Senior Designer: Hsiao-Han Chen

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