PiqueNique Hills

PiqueNique Hills is a fine artisan cheese line handcrafted in Vermont.​​​​​​​
Challenge + Approach
Create packaging design that reflects the premium quality of cheese while making it more fun and less serious.​​​​​​​
Having picnic is the inspiration of using mason jar as the container while the rounded-looking, playful yet sophisticated lettering inspired the overall design direction including naming, branding, dieline, product and packaging design. More than just an eye candy, the green pallets, inspired by the meadow, bring the natural environment to consumers’ mind while the paper lid, inspired by sitting on a picnic blanket, is designed to be used for placing cheese on when slicing and serving. PiqueNique Hills is a design of balance between premium indulgence and some touch of fun.

Creative Direction / Product Design / Packaging Design / Branding: Hsiao-Han Chen

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