Lin Lin
“Lin Lin” means “the shimmery water” in Chinese. The silvery pronouncing of “Lin Lin” communicates the sound of the flowing water.
The name introduce the subtly ever-changing notes of the fragrance and convey the young spirit.
The logotype with linear strokes is inspired by the gradual changing movement of the ripples, enhancing the fluidity of notes of this fragrance.
“Lin Lin” targets young generation around age 21-35. It is designed to appeal women who live in the urban area but with natural spirit inside.
The bottle design started from the idea of using a sphere as a simple base and then subtly highlighting the cap with wavy details conveying the dynamics of water flow.
It is designed to bring out the picture of gradually moving ripples being blown gently by the breeze on a quiet surface of the lake.
The transparency of the glass reinforces the imagery of clear water.
Gradient and the wiggly curves are repeatedly used as main graphic style to convey the dynamics of changing movement of the water.
The aqua and white colors interpret the freshness of the nature.

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