Lin Lin

Lin Lin is a fragrance packaging design in collaboration with Marc Rosen, President and CEO of Marc Rosen Associates.
Challenge + Approach
Design primary and secondary packaging as well as art direction and collateral design. Process includes 2D & 3D conceptualization through moodboard, sketching, 3D modeling & rendering, clay prototyping, dieline execution, logo design, art direction, photoshoot and retouching.
Lin Lin, meaning “shimmery water” in Mandarin, is a natural, fresh, young, green fragrance targeting young women around age 21-35 who live in urban area with natural spirit inside. Inspired by its ever-changing notes, the direction is to structurally and visually reveal nature especially the movement of ripples being blown gently by the breeze on a quiet surface of a lake. The structure design started from exploring clean and simple silhouette partially  touched by subtle details conveying the gentle water movement. Followed by branding and graphic direction which also are inspired by ripples, fluidity and shimmer, the result supports the form of primary packaging. Finally, the transparency of the glass, gradient as well as wavy lines in logo and pattern create the gestalt telling a story of clear water in movement and further reinforcing the overall dynamics.

Creative Direction / Product Design / Packaging Design / Branding: Hsiao-Han Chen

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