Lifoo® is a gourmet food product line inspired by a famous proverb of Chinese culture that has been well-known for thousands of years, which is "Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. The 7 necessities to begin a day."
The proverb literally depicts the objects which are extremely ordinary but also extremely important that no family can live without for running daily life. I want to introduce this beauty of ancient eastern philosophy to the modern world by creating a product line and making it an universal idea that every individual in both eastern and western world can all resonate.
To interpret those 7 products in the proverb, Lifoo® contains 7 products as a gift set including toothpick, rice, corn oil, sea salt, soy sauce, rice vinegar & Oolong tea and each symbolizes passion, wealth, harmony, generosity, heritage, health and taste, which are all important characteristics that a good family should possess. 
With symbolic interpretations being introduced on the back panel of the packaging, Lifoo® becomes an inspiring and auspicious gift set for sending wishes to people in various occasions.
When all the products are assembled, the whole packaging structure as a cylinder and also a perfect circle from the top view is designed to symbolize perfection. Meanwhile, distinct patterns on packaging for each product gather as a circle as well on the top panel, which further graphically enhance the imagery of perfection.
The verbal, structural and graphical approaches of Lifoo® are all used to visualize the good wishes and auspicious messages from the gift giver to their receivers. Overall, Lifoo® is the product derived from the idea of an abstract ancient culture and being transformed into modern blessing.

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