Festivine Wine
Festivine Wine, wine for festivals.
This wine product line not only brings the visual joyfulness onto the table in holidays but also physically brings fun through interaction between people and product.
The label design is inspired by material of vinyl and the tangram, a puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes which can be put together to form unlimited composition. By using the vinyl silkscreened with graphics as the material, the labels are naturally adhesive to the glass surface and can be attached back again after the removal.
The front label composed of seven dissected shapes and the back label are both made of vinyl which can be all removed. It allows consumers to treat the bottle as a blank canvas using their imagination and creating their desired artworks.
There are endless variations of themes out there which allows FESTIVINE WINE keep extending the product line in the future.
Remove all vinyl labels from the bottle.
Adhere labels back to the bottle in your own way.
Back label is removable as well.
It doesn't have to be a tree, a turkey or a heart......

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