Best Friends By Sheri

Not all pet beds are created equal. Best Friends by Sheri designs joyful pet products for our closest, most cherished companions.
The pet market is growing fast and is increasingly crowded. Knock-offs and look-a-like products abound. Consumers were confused and distracted by other brands selling similar looking products for a lot less. It was time for Best Friends by Sheri to up its brand game and reclaim its narrative.
A bright light. A sweet smile. Boundless joy. An unbridled sense of wonder. Simplicity. This is what the brand was created to be— the personification of happiness so pure and contagious that it becomes a force to be reckoned with. Joyful. Uncomplicated. Authentic. The brand is a beacon showing others how to shine their own lights brighter and find happiness wherever they are and as often as they can.
Company: Motto 
Brand Strategy: Ashleigh Hansberger
Art Director: Hsiao-Han Chen

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